Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ninja Zombies Coming to Pasadena, CA

On Tuesday I mailed a screener (of the incomplete movie) out to the Action On Film Festival in Pasadena, CA and on Friday they let me know that we've officially been accepted! We went there last year with our short film, Underground Sonata, so we know it will be a great time. I think this time will be a little different, though, since we are coming with a feature length film. One difference so far: this time I was contacted by a staff member in filmmaker relations who had a list of interview questions for me to answer and a request for hi-res images that she will be using to make a press-release. Sweet! I updated a couple of our posters for the purpose...

In 2009, Moviemaker Magazine named the AOF Fest one of the 25 Film Festivals Worth The Entry Fee. Here's what they had to say: "Action is the name of the game at AOF—both on the screen and behind the scenes. “We have changed a number of filmmakers’ and writers’ lives by getting them deals, selling their work and assisting them with taking leaps they never thought possible,” says AOF director of operations Nick Covington. Chief among the lucky moviemakers is Mark Mahon; four years ago, his unproduced script, Freedom Within the Heart, was named Best Screenplay. Today he’s making his big-screen debut as writer-director of Strength and Honour, starring Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones.

Sure, the fest also offers $75,000 in cash and prizes, but also very valuable to all attending moviemakers and writers is the promise of walking away with a video interview—including film footage—to add to their electronic press kits, as well as guaranteed acceptance into the fest for future work. (It always pays to have a ready-made screening opportunity.)"

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