Monday, January 3, 2011

The Hype Machine

Happy New Year, Ninjas Zombies Fans!

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, they hype train has been full speed ahead since we released the trailer! We’ve been blogged about by a ton of geek / zombie/ horror / movie sites all over the world, in at least 8 different languages! The trailer has been viewed um… I’m not even sure how many times. 5,000 on vimeo not including all the sites that embedded it. Over 7,000 on youtube but more than that now since other people have uploaded it… over 5,300 on… Web pages that have embedded the trailer have gotten at least 20,000 hits! We’re close to 1,000 fans on facebook (but I’m sure we can do even better).

What you may not know is that we have been contacted by a few film festivals already! That’s right… based on the trailer alone they have reached out to express interest in our little flick that could. Thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word. And to think, all this buzz was created just by the cast and crew all posting the trailer to their personal facebook pages!

Here is a rundown of just some of the sites that have started following our film:

Angry Asian Man – “Ninja Zombies Trailer” – “Official Trailer for Ninja Zombies”

Geek Tyrant – First Look: Trailer And Poster for The Epic Undead Martial Arts Film NINJA ZOMBIES

Lega Nerd – “Ninja Zombie Trailer” (Itallian)

Beyond Hollywood – “Undead Chopsocky Madness Overflows in Noah Cooper’s Ninja Zombies”

Dread Central – “Ninja Zombies Looking to Make Sushi Out of YOU!”

28 Days Later Analysis – “Indie Zombie Thriller Alert: Ninja Zombies on the Loose in this Trailer

Horror – Look Out George A. Romero, Here Comes ‘Ninja Zombies’

Estrenos Cinema – “Ninja Zombies” (Spanish) – “Ninja Zombies (2011) – trailer, zwiastun, opis, plakat” (Polish)

RST – “Trailer: Ninja Zombies” – “Ninja Zombies Trailer” – “Interview with Ninja Zombies’ Mike Castro”