Take one part ninja, one part zombie, add in plenty of B-movie fun, and mix it all together with a micro- budget so small its more like a nano-budget... and you've got "Ninja Zombies!"  It's a “bromaction horror comedy... with heart. And braaaiiinnns!” about friendship, growing up, and accepting responsibilities that you never wanted. Think Zombieland meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Featuring a hilarious performance by Troma's Lloyd Kaufman!  (The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke 'Em High)

There's nothing that geeky slacker Dameon Kim hates more than responsibility... except for confrontation. And zombies. He begins having nightmares — flashes from the life of a samurai on the run and a sword that can raise the dead (the Jigoku no Ken). Much to his dismay, these dreams lead him to discover a chest containing clues about his family’s mysterious past and proof that the evil sword is real and the samurai was his ancestor.

His roommate Kara finds the Jigoku No Ken and uses it to bring her recently deceased brother back from the grave-- but she accidentally raises the long-dead Kage Ninja Clan in the process! Driven by their burning desire to find the evil sword (and a ravenous hunger for human flesh), they descend upon Dameon’s house.

Now Dameon, Kara, and their other roommates --the geeky Luke, the frat boys G and Lar-Dawg, and the suburban princess Trish-- must band together if they want to survive as the NINJA ZOMBIES hunt them down. Can Dameon grow up in time to accept the power of his ancestor and his responsibility to save the world?