Noah Cooper – Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Ninja Zombie
It was during his undergraduate years at Yale University that Noah realized filmmaking was the ultimate combination of all his interests. In 2005 he graduated with a BA in Film Studies. Since then he has continued to make his own films regardless of “challenges,” like a lack of funding or resources.  The most recent of which, “Underground Sonata,” has played at film festivals from coast to coast and won the award for Best Crime Drama Short at the 2010 Indie Gathering in Cleveland, OH.
In addition to his passion for filmmaking, he has a love affair with the martial arts and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He also earned a JD from Quinnipiac University School of Law (which he hopes to never put to any use).
Of Korean, British, and Polish descent, Noah strongly supports diversity in film, and especially promotes underrepresented Asian American actors. He hopes that one day race will no longer limit an artist’s potential for success in American mainstream media.

Mike Castro - Producer/ Lead Actor/ Co-Writer
Mike, a graduate from Endicott College with a BA in visual communications, has had a high interest in art, music and the culinary arts from a very young age. From elementary school through college, Mike would get involved in projects that consisted of art, designing, film, acting, drumming, and cooking. He always knew he wanted to be involved in movie production, and since he and Noah share this passion, they became fast friends. His passion for the project led him to become the film’s producer, a role for which he seemed destined. Being one of the lead actors in the film has opened other doors for Mike and makes him realize that acting and producing are new creative outlets for him.

Arun Storrs – Casting Director/ Lead Actress – Kara
    Arun began acting for Noah’s films during her freshman year at Yale. Arun was happy to jump right into the project, despite how outlandish the plot, be it film noir, martial arts, action, comedy, mystery, or all of it combined. Working together was so much fun that she went on to star in the film’s sequel the following year. Willing to give anything a try, she had no problem running around New Haven in a cowboy hat and wielding a samurai sword, no questions asked! Since then she has taken on countless theater and dance theater projects, and has used her art to promote a message of social justice — a cause close to her heart. Born in Nepal, Arun was adopted as a baby and brought to the United States. She has never forgotten where she came from, however, and has reconnected with her birth country through many trips back to volunteer at the orphanage that cared for her. She also founded a Yale organization, YNepal, which sends groups of students and young professionals to the orphanage to work with the children who currently live there.

Michal Trzaska – Director of Photography/ Special Effects
    At just 27, Michal is already a 11 year veteran in the film industry, who at age 16, started his career working as a cinematographer on Searching for the 4th Nail – a film which has since be showcased at the Connecticut Film Festival. Just one tear later he went from bring a Production Assistant to Senior Editor at Barnstorm Productions, and from that moment on he knew his obsession with film would be a lifelong venture. After graduating from Endicott College with a BFA in Visual Communications, he worked as a Senior TV Producer at Kaplowe Studios. It was there that Michal Trzaska and Noah Cooper first worked on the same creative team, and after a year decided to continue their successful partnership by way of forming their own company, D-PROV Productions. Michal has an amazingly keen eye for visual aesthetics and a sense of professionalism that he brings to every project. He’s been willing to take up any job, from shooting, to booming, to lighting, but he real talent comes through in post-production. As a guru of graphic design and video production, with an expertise in software such as Cinema 4d, After Effects, Mocha as well as Shake, Michal Trzaska has a repertoire of skills that allowed him to take Ninja Zombies to new heights.

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