Friday, September 3, 2010

A Little Action From Lloyd Kaufman

As you could see below, we had a shoot with Godfather of Gore, the creator of the Toxic Avenger, the Purveyor of Fine Butt Plugs, Lloyd Kaufman! We drove out to Long Island City in Queens, NY for the shoot, and ended up filming right in the basement of Troma Entertainment! Throughout the basement and the upstairs we were surrounded by Tromemorabilia…

Lloyd was a helluva character, as you can see from Michal’s video post below. His improv was frantic and hilarious. We had the hardest time not laughing while the camera was rolling…. I don’t know how Mike kept a straight face while acting with him! Big props to Michal, Tigi, Derek, and Michael for being able to capture all the craziness! And thanks to Arun for helping us prepare lines and blocking (though Lloyd certainly put his own spin on things).

We had precious little time to shoot, so we blasted through the scene. Luckily the footage looks great! I learned alot from letting go and letting Lloyd improv. First of all, he is not at all afraid of controversy (I guess I knew that already from his films, though). Being PC is not really of any concern to him. But hey, I won’t ruin it for you! You’ll just have to see the finished scene when it comes out! (and the outtakes, of course)

When the cameras were off, Lloyd was extremely nice to all of us. He gave us all autographed pictures, let us take Toxic Avenger posters, and he even had one of his interns go get me an assorted collection of his films on DVD! These included “Poultrygeist,” “The Sexy Box,” (a box set of 4 of his teen sex comedies), and the box set of the entire “Toxic Avenger” Collection! Before we left, his daughter Lily Hayes did a quick interview for her blog, “Tromemoir,” which documents her life as Lloyd’s daughter, and as Toxie’s sibling!

HUGE thanks to Lloyd for helping us out… He really loves independent film and it shows! So please show some love back by checking out his films! (there are a TON) A lot of them are up on Netflix, but they are also on Hulu for the low, low, cost of FREE!

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