Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post Production Diaries: Scene 11

I’ve been editing for a few weeks now and still have just 25 minutes of a VERY rough cut done. I’m about to start working on the first epic fight scene between samurai and ninjas (no zombies yet as this is a flashback scene). We had 7 fighters in this scene, and shhhh… we reused the ninjas so that it would seem like even more! The sheer amount of footage is so daunting. I guess it’s just like every other scene, though… just one shot at a time …

The good news is that the first official trailer, “Rise of the Ninja Zombies,” is almost completely done! Just need to sync a tiny bit more dialogue audio, insert some credits and some special effects shots and we’ll release it to the world!
By the way, the wrap party was an awesome time! Big thanks to everyone who came through!

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